Civil law includes all contracts between private individuals and companies as well as the general law of obligations and the law of torts.

Our Law Firm offers assistance on law of succession, intellectual property law and industrial property protection, commercial and company law, insolvency and enforcement law.

Our Law Firm  is specialized in personally injury claim that is the seeking of compensation for every person who has been injured as a result of the wrongful act of another. Such reparation normally includes compensation for the injury, pain and suffering, lost wages and income, medical expenses, loss of companionship and consortium, lost future income, future medical and rehabilitative expenses, funeral expenses and other expenses and losses resulting from the injury or death.



Our Law Firm has been always active in the area of criminal law and criminal defence.

Criminal Law or penal law, involves prosecution by the government of a person for an act that has been classified as a crime.

The Firm offers legal assistance in all branches of criminal law. Our experience ranges from white collar crimes, that include offences such as fraud, theft, secret commissions (bribery), insider trading, embezzlement, tax evasion, computer crimes, and forgery to domestic and sexual offences.

We are able to assist our clients in every kind of traditional criminal law cases, as the ones involving violent crimes (murder/homicide, assault & battery, domestic violence, terrorist threats, illegal possession of weapons, vehicular manslaughter, hate crimes, kidnapping), drug crimes or property crimes (theft/armed robbery, burglary, home invasion).

Apart from classical criminal defence we offer assistance on commercial criminal law from foreign trade legislation, fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy and insolvency criminal law, embezzlement and criminal tax law.


The Firm offers advice and consultancy services to its clients in all areas of administrative law including assistance in litigation before Administrative Courts (Regional Administrative Courts and Higher Administrative Courts) and in procedures pending before independent regulatory Authorities.

We are able to assist our clients you in all aspects of visa, immigration and naturalization matters for those seeking to enter Italy or in other European Union countries.

In Italy and in other European Union countries, laws governing visas, immigration and naturalization matters are enforced by government agencies. Our objective is to support and serve each client to identify the best course of action to allow him to navigate the complex laws, regulations, and requirements pertaining to visas, immigration and naturalization.



Family law regulates obligations and rights between persons connected due to the marriage, relationship, or due to non-marital cohabitation.

In a such sensitive area, our assistance focuses largely on the realization of mutually agreed solutions. However when this is not possible, we represent our clients in enforcing or defending claims. In particular, we manage issues that arise upon divorce or separation: alimony (child and spousal maintenance), visitation rights, division of marital assets and liabilities,  child support and custody, enforcement and modifications of judgments determination or contesting of paternity.



In the field of private employment law we advise and represent employers and employees in all areas, principally in the areas of equal pay and discrimination, transfer of undertakings and the enforcement of restrictive covenants. We represent clients in tribunals and  courts, and we assist them with qualified intermediaries.